FEMM is a leading manufacturer of metal and plastic components and accessories for industrial packaging. We mainly supply to industrial manufacturers of three-piece cans for the chemical, paint, oil and lubricant industries.

Chemical Industry

Paint Industry

Oil and Lubricant industry

With unwavering passion, we have been producing, testing and guaranteeing every kind of accessory you can find on a metal container – from 250 ml to 60 l in size – every day for the past 40 years!

Based on a simple but effective idea, our passion, competence and experience have allowed us to become a point of reference in the industry. We export our products all over Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa, and the Americas.

The idea to add manufacturing units for plastic components gained ground and was integrated into the original metal component production. Our aim, however, was to keep our sights set on the metal can reference market.

For optimisation purposes, injection moulding and extrusion machines worked in the same plant together with metal stamping presses, bending machines and welders. Later, we chose to rationalise our manufacturing processes, each specific in its own way and hardly compatible with the manufacturing processes for metal components.

Today, FEMM ensures production capacity and high-level technical advice in the development and engineering of plastic components for the packaging market, our core business, but it also offers support in the development of plastic products for any other commodity sector.