The story of FEMM began around 43 years ago in the outskirts of Reggio Emilia.

The experience gained working for a can manufacturing company gave the future owners the needed sector knowledge and vision to venture on their own and establish FEMM.

The market assumption that drove them to establish the company proved to be the right one. At the time, the evolution of the metal packaging industry was leading companies to optimise their manufacturing processes in order to maximise the marginal utility of every resource used.

Because it was no longer strategic, in-house production of expendable components was stopped. This created a market that needed to be satisfied.

We are a leading manufacturer of metal and plastic packaging accessories and have been successfully exporting our products worldwide.

And this was the start of FEMM’s success story. Although it started completely from scratch and with no financial resources, the company leveraged the skills and enthusiasm of its four founders.

Skills in management, machine engineering, manufacturing cycles and processes, and sales and marketing were all necessary and went on to become the hallmarks of the company.